Find below the bid procedure for cities to apply for a stop of a FISE event. Find more about the main procedures to be followed by the applicant cities and the provisional timeline set up for guidance purposes.
After the submission of applications, the HURRICANE team, which includes all the decision makers of FISE events, will select and approve the applications of FISE event candidate cities.


– Venue
– The venue’s accessibility
– Respect of the *technical and logistical requirements defined by HURRICANE
– The quality and level of the fiel of play and/or the environment of the venue
– Involvement and support of the local administration or government authorities
– Local media and marketing plans
– Human resources (medical, security, volunteers)


– Fill out online form
– Paid bid fee (mandatory for international)
– Meeting between Hurricane & cities and discuss about the project
– Discussion around the file with Hurricane’s partners
– Invitations to selected cities to take part in FISE Montpellier and the Urban Sport Summit
– Both parties sign and agree to the sale of one or more FISE events.

*We strongly recommend cities to set up a Local Organisation Committee dedicated to the management of this event type. This Organising Committee will ensure coordination between the HURRICANE teams, the administrative units, the local authorities and other local stakeholders involved in the implementation of a FISE event.

In our selection, we will pay close attention to the capacity of the City Committee to efficiently respect all administrative formalities, legal and administrative obligations in force in the country and the city, for hosting this type of event.

*The Bid Fee, in our international events, includes:
Trips for the Hurricane Team to participate to local meetings, including city and site visit, meeting with potential sponsors
2D Masterplan of the event venue
Digital study by our partners


Host City bidder may submit alternative options outside the defined scope if it considers being an added value to its proposal for hosting a FISE WORLD SERIE, FISE NATIONAL SERIE or IF SANCTIONED EVENTS:

  • Motivation to host a FISE event
  • Event venue, name & description of the facilities and surrounding areas
  • Transportation & accessibility
  • Host City general information
  • Infrastructures, universities, local action sports scene/clubs, tourist attraction
  • Past events history : event name, type, participants & audience
  • Preliminary local media & marketing plans
  • Key partners
  • Local authorities involvement & support, key partners & their contribution (financial, in-kind, media…).

After receiving your application form, HURRICANE will send you the official document for host cities.


Visit of FISE WORLD SERIE in Montpellier (France) & Urban Sport Summit
Closing date for application and Bid payment
Site visit by Hurricane team
Selection of finalists Host City
FWS step & cities announcement