The HURRICANE agency provides significant resources to ensure the success of the FISE tours and to make them an unforgettable urban event!

The FISE management team will provide all the necessary expertise and support in the organisation of each competition and will work in collaboration with the Local Organisation Committee (LOC) of the host city or structure.

The success of the event depends on an optimal communication between the FISE management team and the Local team. Each will benefit from the other’s expertise.


Turnkey solution

Hurricane’s experience and skills allow us to offer events managed in different areas: sports management, purchasing management, accommodation, etc. From a more technical point of view, Hurricane sets up technical infrastructure created by riders for riders.
The secure and reliable installation and dismantling of the technical infrastructure of the event by professionals guarantees the respect of the standards and specifications.
Its event expertise will also allow us to provide personalized advice by our expert consultants in extreme sports, both on the technical aspects of the event and on logistics.

Working with a local organizing committee (LOC)

Hurricane is capable of working together with a LOC to set up the event. Hurricane will provide the needed guidelines and specifications for the Host to follow and provide all that is needed locally for the organization of the FISE event.
Hurricane can also include a service delivery of the follow up of the LOC missions by one of our technical experts.

Local Marketing Right

FISE owns 100% of the Marketing rights, however, up to 50% can be allocated to the Host City to bring local partners on board and generate revenues.

Local Communication Plan by FISE

The Local communication plan is part of the Host City in-kind contribution, however, FISE World Series can develop and implement it in the Host City at extra cost.


Drive opportunity, engagement & change through sport.

Working alongside with International Federations
Since its creation over 25 years ago, FISE has always strived to promote wider participation and encourage youth to take on sport through urban sports free clinics, and Pro/Amateur competitions. The collaboration with International Federation, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) came as natural fit and help us bringing the best international riders.

Union Cycliste Internationale
2016 marks the start of a unique collaboration between FISE and Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) with the inaugural UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup and in 2018, the first UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup in BMX History.

World Skate
In addition, World Skate (WS) joins the FISE World Series, sanctioning the Roller Freestyle discipline with the first World Skate Roller Freestyle World Cup.

Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique
The International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.) partners with Hurricane as the Parkour World Cup us staged during the FISE World Series’ stops.
World Dance Sports Federation
The newest federation to partner with FISE is the World Dance Sports Federation, as competitions of Breaking are now part of the FISE World Series’ stops. The events organized during the FISE are sanctioned by the WDSF.

Toward Men and Women Equality
Through the work with International Federations we are pushing for gender equality in our events by:

  • Opening women only categories to answer the demand and on each of the World Cups
  • Increasing the prize money of the women’s competition to reach the same amount than the men’s
  • Making Lives for both men and women professional categories.

Health in Sports

The National Anti-Doping Agencies will be invited at each stop of the FISE World Series in order to put into place various actions with the spectators and the athletes:
– Give information about doping in sports and in major competitions
– Inform about the impact on doping the daily life
– Organise actions to limit doping in sports


International or National Exposure & Destination Awareness

Full-Service Communications Agency

Hurricane provides a unique expertise in media plan elaboration, specific to the world of extreme sports for an optimised promotion of the event:
– Design, develop & deliver a Global Communications Strategy and Plan that will provide maximum reach & exposure.
– Work with athletes and teams to create a Narrative Stories leading up to, throughout & after the event.
– Collaborate with our Specialized Media Partners to extend our exposure amongst key target audiences.
– Utilize our experienced in House Creative Team to deliver all marketing and communications materials.
– Produce all the Media Content on event, including LIVE broadcast and production.
– Partner with International Federation and Organization to establish credited and mutual communications.
– Specific marketing and sales advice to attract sponsors;
– Customized advice for communication support and logo to promote the host cities’ FISE.

TV Exposure

FISE guarantees high quality standards television production, national and international, and broadcast through its worldwide TV media partner EUROSPORT.