Festival and Events are one of the fastest growing forms of tourism. They are becoming increasingly popular, and play an important role in economic, touristic and social development of cities and regions.

The FISE’ Series are major multi-disciplines action sports events, which goes beyond sports. It represents a unique opportunity to grow the local BMX, Skateboard, Wakeboarding, Roller, Mountain Biking, Breaking and Parkour communities.

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FISE events are very attractive for cities and represent a real source of local economic development. Hosting a FISE event generates significant economic benefits, starting with the promotion of the event itself, which increases the number of visitors to bars, restaurants, using public transport, entertainment and buying souvenirs. The same applies to the accommodation facilities, which welcome a large number of FISE spectators.


FISE is a real opportunity to reinforce the city’s internal initiatives and boost its image on different national and global dimensions. In search of creativity, self-assertion, identity and social integration, the young generation is very receptive to urban sports. Not limited to the usual rules or even specific spaces, these alternative sports focus on passion and progression, rather than on winning or losing. A host city will become a key contributor to the development of these future sports.


The FISE stops are a great opportunity to promote and highlight the host city through the media. The various FISE Series tours are covered extensively on television and the internet. In the heart of the city, the strategic location of the event will allow it to benefit from significant coverage in the media.
Smaller FISE events can also benefit from media coverage, especially through the Hurricane social networks which gather a large community.


As a long-term vision and association, our objective is to write a story together, including the host cities, the sponsors and the national and international federations, for a sporting, economical and communicative coherence. This is why we are proposing a three-year commitment for a large part of our FISE Series, in order to increase each year the economic, social, media and notoriety benefits.


FISE is an event where Culture is celebrated, no matter if it is the local culture of the Host country or the Street Culture to which our sports belong. To that aim several actions are organize on the exhibitors’ village and competition courses to promote it as Street Art with local artist, local products and street contest to show up the city.


Hosting one or more FISE competitions allow the city to reinforce its development and social cohesion policy from different angles. FISE events are festive, spectacular and rich in emotion.
These free events, open to everyone, bring together spectators of all ages, nationalities and social categories. in the same time, it will increase participation level and promote local associations or clubs. FISE events allow communities to come together under the same values and to shift attitudes towards Actions Sports.


As a responsible event organiser, Hurricane Group understands the importance of sustainable development and has an active eco-citizenship policy for its events. Many actions to limit event-related waste are therefore put in place to raise public awareness. A good example of the eco-design policy at a FISE event, is the use of Ecocup reusable cups. The principle is simple: offer spectators reusable cups for drinks in exchange for a €1 deposit. The welcome of the public on this operation has been prove and it has limited waste.
Our parks can also be dismantled and reused for other events, also they can become permanent parks for cities and this way limit the transportation of infrastructure on future events.