BMX, sport which is represented in different disciplines, gives the FISE events the most impressive and spectacular shows!

BMX Freestyle Park: In addition of being an astonishing discipline for spectators and viewers, BMX is the star discipline of FISE. BMX demands spectacular technical skills. You will witness big transitions on boxes rails and ramps. This sport is officially included in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games and in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

BMX Freestyle Flatland: It is the exclusive and artistic form of BMX. This discipline is quite different from other BMX styles. The riding takes place on a flat surface and doesn’t use any jumps, ramps or rails. Riders perform balancing tricks on their bikes. For fluidity, many Flatland riders only use the front brake or no brake at all.


Spine Ramp BMX: A spine ramp is two half-pipes placed back to back. The platforms on each side serve as launch and landing ramps. Spine ramp provides amazing show for Skate, Roller, Scooter and BMX, offering everyone the best of Action Sports.