Support urban sports in COVID-19 pandemic period with FISE

Hurricane Group, organizer of FISE events, has been celebrating urban sports for more than 20 years with FISE. It will not stop!

The year 2020 leads Hurricane’s team to be innovative and flexible. In consideration of the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing difficulties for the organisation of safe sporting Events, Hurricane Group – organizer and rights holder of the FISE World Series – has been working on measures for the organization of both physical and digital FISE events.

As organizer, we acknowledge the responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and to inform the urban sports community and stakeholders. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hurricane works in consultation with international and local partners to take decisions regarding postponements, cancellations and the creation of the E-FISE, the fully digital event.

Hurricane COVID-19 risk management relies on recommendations and guidance for organizers of sports events. Our main sources of information are:

  • The specific risk analysis published by the World Health Organization (visit the WHO webiste)
    The recommendations published by the International Federations
    Measures and rules taken from Local and National Authorities

Hurricane keeps following the ongoing situation and new measures to constantly revised its decisions. The health and wellbeing of FISE athletes, staff and stakeholders remains the main priority. For more information, contact Hurricane.