This section outlines the bidding process for Host City and provides important information regarding key stages and deadlines to submit an application.



Any Host City willing to host a FISE World Series event will have to fill in a “Letter of interest”, a short online questionnaire.

This first step will allow the candidate city to take part in the bidding process and figure among the selected cities to host the event for three consecutive years. The different stages are as follow:

  • 1/ Fill in the official Letter of interest online HERE
  • 2/ Payment of the bid fee
  • 3/ Submission of a complete proposal by June 30th, 2019


The Bid Fee includes:

  • Trips for the Hurricane Team to participate to local meetings, including city and site visit, meeting with potential sponsors
  • 2D Masterplan of the event venue
  • Digital study by Red Torch (depending on the expectations of the Host City)


The bidding process is open from December 2018 and until June 30th, 2019. The important dates of the process are the following:


Host City bidder may submit alternative options outside the defined scope if it considers being an added value to its proposal.

  • Motivation to host the FISE World Series
  • Event concept & dates
  • Event venue, name & description of the facilities and surrounding areas
  • Action sports disciplines chosen
  • Transportation & accessibility
  • Host City general information
  • Infrastructures, universities, local action sports scene/clubs, tourist attraction
  • Past events history : event name, type, participants & audience
  • Preliminary local media & marketing plans
  • Key partners
  • Local authorities involvement & support, key partners & their contribution (financial, in-kind, media…).
FISE’ Series Bidding Process