Festival and Events are one of the fastest growing forms of tourism. They are becoming increasingly popular, and play an important role in economic, touristic and social development of cities and regions.

FISE WORLD SERIES is a major multi-disciplines action sports event, which goes beyond sports. It represents a unique opportunity to grow the local BMX, Skateboard, Wakeboarding, Roller, Mountain Biking and Parkour communities.



2016 marked the start of a unique collaboration with International Federations with the very first UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup labelled by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world Governing body for cycling sports.

In 2017, the collaboration extended with the inaugural FIRS Roller Freestyle World Cup sanctioned by the world governing body of Roller Sports (FIRS).

In 2018 the collaboration with UCI will continue with the launch of the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup.


Through the work realized with the International Federations and the launch of the different World Cups, we are working toward gender equality in our events by:

  • Opening women only categories to answer the demand and on each of the World Cups
  • Increasing the prize money of the women’s competitions to reach the same amount than for the man’s
  • Making Lives for both men and women categories




The event being FREE to the public, locals and out-of-town visitors spend money at the FISE event and in the Host City:

– Commercial Accommodation

– Food & Beverage

– Transportation

– Shopping

– Leisure, recreation, cultural attractions



Beyond the sports dimension, a FISE World Series event offers opportunities to connect and engage with fans and the local community, including:

– Free admission, no social exclusion

– Participation of local and worldwide pro athletes at  FISE competitions

– Free initiation to discover Action Sports

– Use of local resources (human/materials) for the smooth running of the event



Playing host to a FISE World Series event leverage sport participation, promote continued sport for life, and can lead to urban regeneration initiatives as well as further direct/indirect economic benefits, by :

– Increasing participation levels in action sports, hence generating interest in the city/region

– Encouraging the uptake of cycling, skating, scootering, and investments in sports facilities for the benefits of the youth and local communities

– Shifting attitudes towards Action Sports

– Enhancing Community cohesion

– Contribution to youth personal development via our volunteer program

– Encouraging students/first-time attendees/volunteers to participate in future city events

– Turning spectator loyalty into customer loyalty leading to increased tourism outside the FISE World Series